Utorrent application is the property of BitTorrent, that tries to maximize your computer, giving you all the advantages of using Torrent files for downloading together with a minimum expenditure of memory and disk space, since it does not require any installation or configuration on you PC every-time.


uTorrent offers a complete and very intuitive interface, so it will be easy to learn how to use it and take advantage of the many features it offers, for example: absolute download control (limiting its speed and band availability) and complete information of each file in descent process (including approximate times of completion).

With its powerful search engine, it will be more accessible to obtain Torrent files , which makes it possible to download music, videos, images, programs and all kinds of content you can imagine. You can download Utorrent via 9apps for PC thru google chrome or any other browser like UC browser


Here are some PROS that are provided by Utorrent

Multiple Downloads 

uTorrent has a feature that this kind of programs has: download several files at the same time. This will help you get all the material you want in less time. In addition, to each one you can give a different priority level to lower more quickly the most urgent.

Low consumption of resources

This program does not require installation, and its weight does not reach 300KB. This makes the consumption of resources very low, keeping the system completely stable, and maintaining a normal execution speed.

Multi platform

There are currently three leading operating systems, which are positioned above the rest. The problem is that applications are usually developed for one or the other, there being no possibilities to opt. uTorrent has versions for Microsoft Windows , MAC OS X and Linux without distinction.


Choice of files

When you look for a TORRENT on the Web, you will see that when you open it in uTorrent you will have the list of contents. You can download the entire package, or choose only those files you need, transferring only what you need.

How to Download Utorrent?

  1. Download 9apps for your PC.
  2. Install 9apps.
  3. Search for Utorrent.
  4. Complete setup for Utorrent.
  5. search for search file via your browser.
  6. Start downloading.