Have you ever heard about Google Map? if no then it means you have never been lost while travelling.

Google Map

Google Map is an google application that allows you to find any place that you want to go with the exact direction via navigator.

The app provide satellite imaging of the line you are travelling with exact time calculations that will take you to your location while keeping the road traffic in loop.

Google Map gives you an option to select your location and destination, It will come up with result showing that direction you should go and time that will be required to reach your destination.

Google Map

The best option that is provided by Google Map is the voice direction. It continuously tells you to get the right turns to reach your destinations.

It works in a pretty simple way. You have to just turn on you GPS and location from the settings of your device, search any location in google you want to go and press the direction mark and Google Map will start navigation.

Another good quality that Google Map comprises is that it gives you option to choose while calculating the time as per your transport. There are 5 possible transport options

Google Map

  1. Driving your own vehicle
  2. Train
  3. Walking
  4. Cycling
  5. Flight

These are the five options that are been provided to choose.

With the help of Google Map you can now easily find the nearest markets, medical centers, sports complex, educational institutes and you will know the time it will take to reach their in case of urgency.

Pros and Cons of Google Map


  1. New update also helps you to find car parking
  2. Make you to obey traffic rules
  3. Keeps you in complete update of public traffic
  4. Give you the options of multiple paths to follow


  1. Can be used by Criminals.
  2. Requires data connectivity mostly

How to download ?

  1. Download 9apps for your device
  2. Install 9apps
  3. Search for Google Map
  4. Install the application
  5. Start navigating towards your destination