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What is Temple run:

Temple Run, a super addictive game is available for android platform. This amazing and exciting game is developed by Raleigh-based Imangi Studios. This endless action video game circles around countless explorers to steal the cursed idol from the temple and have to run for life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at heels.

Running through the ancient temple wall and cliff the player controls the moves with simple touch screen gestures and device tilting and aims to run as far as possible and collect coins for buying up powers and for unlocking new characters.

Temple Run

Initially the game was released for Ios . It was listed in the top 50 most downloaded apps in the iTunes Store on December 2011 and became the number one ios free apps. The android version was released in March 2012. After its availability on the android platform, more than 1 million downloads were made in 3 days.

How to play Temple run?

Centering around a group of wandering explorers in this game, the player controls one player who steals an idol from an ancient temple and immediately pursued by a group of evil demon monkeys who chase the player out of the temple thus making a meaningful name of the game ‘TEMPLE RUN’.


The main motive of the game is to run as far as possible by avoiding different obstacle which comes on the way. There are no levels or finishing line of the game. Different ways of avoiding obstacles coming in the way are jumping, which can be done by sliding finger forward, ducking- which can be done by sliding finger backward, turning-sliding finger to the right or left in a precise manner.

Temple Run

The distance is measured in meters in the game, starting from the temple. The longer a player survives, the more points they acquire. The use of the players score is to unlock objectives.


The most interesting part of the game is its Coin collection. The player can tilt their device to left or right in order to collect coins which lies all along the path of the players run. The coins are generally yellow in colour and its diamond shaped but it can be red or blue in colour also according to their point value. A red coin holds 2 points and a Blue coin holds 3 points.

The coin a player collects in the game can be spent in the game store. The player can purchase upgrades to various bonuses from the store found throughout the run. The gully upgraded bonuses are, Mega Coin worth 150 coins, Coin Magnet-that multiplies the coin value by 3, Boost-which is available for 750 meters. At 1000 meters 2 points coins are available and after 2000 meters 3 points coins are available.

Temple Run

Another interesting bonus is the invisibility of the player that lasts for a maximum time span of 30 seconds.


Along with artist Kiril Tchangov this game is created by the Husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. The former created the graphics while the later developed the game play. The game cost 99 cents originally but it was released as a free app later on.

Primarily the game was available in the App store only, but after some period it was released on Google play, the successor of Android market. On march 27,2012 Temple Run found its place in the android market.


1 million times download in just three days were noticed when Temple run was released in the android market, which shows the soaring popularity of this game. The overwhelming popularity of this game prompted Imangi studios to make a primary unplanned android version.

It was announced in June 2012 that Imangi studios had tied up with Disney for promoting the movie ‘Brave’ with a game titled Temple run: Brave, which cost 99 cents to purchase. After its release in the App store the game made a record of topping the charts as most downloaded paid game.

How to Download
  1. Get 9apps for your device
  2. Search for Temple Run and Download
  3. Enjoy Playing .

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