Facebook messenger is used to get in touch with all your contacts on Facebook instantly.

In the early days of Facebook when it was difficult to message your friends list, the urge was been felt that there must be something which can make contacting your friends on facebook much easier.

Facebook messenger was introduce which got extremely popular. Thru Facebook Messenger, You can instantly message and call any of your friends.

Facebook messenger

After launching Facebook messenger, the download for Facebook messenger  hits millions in couple of days. Facebook messenger  is having a night mode option which helps you to us it in low light mode without harming your vision.

Facebook messenger download is free from the beginning to facilitate users as much as possible.

With the new Facebook Facetime option, now you can video call to anyone on your Facebook list and share your views and surrounding with your loved ones immediately.

How to Download Facebook messenger ?

  1. Download 9apps for your device
  2. Search for Facebook messenger in the apps
  3. Press the download option and it will start downling
  4. Sign in your Facebook ID
  5. Enjoy contacting your friends and family via Facebook messenger.