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9Apps Apk General Info

Developer9Apps Inc
Size3.8 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0 Plus
CategoryUtilities / Tools

Download 9Apps Apk For Android

This modern age is the age of competition and specially when it comes to technology. Google and Apple store competing each other in order to reach to million of users and they can get millions of downloads of their apps.

With the increasing number of Android application users, many of the people they got scammes in such away sometimes the app was paid and wasnt upto the mark some times it contained a virus if they downloaded it from some other source except playstore.

Every started searching for the alternative of the playstore so that they can get apps from for free and they wont get scammed. One of the best source for it was 9apps

As more and more developers are turning towards working on the Android platform, every day is coming up with a new innovative app or another intelligent version of any existing app.

With the growing demand and availability of these apps, Google Play store is somewhat losing its grip in managing them and exhibiting the ones that the users are looking for.

As a result, Application Stores like 9Apps are coming forward as possible alternatives. With some additional features and a few improvements in the performance, 9Apps has gain itself some decent popularity in the market.

9Apps_v3.0.9.39Apps APK serves as an efficient independent marketplace for Android applications as unlike many other similar apps, it is genuine and provides a platform for both developers as well as users to upload and download different applications.

you can also use 9apps on pc.

If you have an android device running Android 2.3 or higher, you can enjoy a smooth experience exploring various Android apps all at one place. Downloading 9apps wont cost a penny and offers apps that user wish for. So let us see what great features 9Apps has that make it a good Play store alternative:

9Apps Features

  • Perfect alternative for google play store and its spam free.
  • Doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie the user experience is simply awesome no need to watch its videos on youtube.
  • It won’t make your cell phone slow, its size is much lower than google play store.
  • Like google play store it gives you the option of filters as well.
  • For every paid of google 9app has got its free alternative.
  • It can be easily used on slow internet connections.
  • It can be used on any version of android playstore but higher than 2.1 is recommended.
  • It allows you to download apk file so you don’t have to download the app again and again.
  • It can be used on pc as well. you can check it out here .
  • Doesnot contain any adds
  • 9Apps For Pc

Our Review About 9Apps

As being an android love you would know that there are many distributions for the android platforms, it got popular in a very short span of time.

For the first time 9apps was launched in china by Alibaba group.They made it only for chinese market but rapidly it got popular all around the world.

Like google playstore it has got all the feature and being the app store its self you wont find it on google playstore but once its downloaded from our site you can easily use it. After installing it  you would be able to use its serivces.

9Apps is currently the best alternative for Google Play store that serves genuine applications free of costs with a better performance.

The fan base for the app is growing each day and it seems to be just a matter of time when it gains popularity enough to grab the attention of the users more than the Play store ever could.

So, download the app today or visit the website and enjoy exploring numerous applications, games, and wallpapers waiting for you free of cost.

Download Apps And Games For Free

A feature of 9apps that everyone would love. Most of the times we see apps they can be downloaded only in specific region or area and sometimes you need them badly but with the launch of 9apps now you can download any app or game of your choice without going through all the hassle of downloading VPN changing country and all so enjoy the latest 9apps games and app for free without any restriction. Even the hidden apps that are paid on google playstore you can find them on 9apps for free as well. You can get apps like apental for social media on it as well.

Get Free Update On 9Apps

If you are confused about new things like new games or apps that comes out every day, you dont have to worry about them 9apps gives you regulars updates about the apps you are using or the apps which are new to the market to keep you connected with the latest trends.

What Else You Can Download

9Apps isnot about download games and apps only you can download many other things like wallpapers, music, themes and stickets to enhance the beauty of smartphone without connecting with a computer system. You can download all of the above-mentioned things from 9apps market for free. The music you download from 9apps can be set as notification sound of your cellphone and can leave the wallpaper on the home screen of your smartphone to amuse you.

Xvideo Downloader

Xvideo Downloader allows you to download all videos from social media very easily. It allows you to download videos from the internet with just a couple of clicks simply write the keywords in its search and start downloading videos to watch it offline. Just like xvideo downloader, 9apps has alot to offer that why its becoming people first choice over google playstore.

kideo To MP3 Converter

Most of us wants to listen to songs offline when we dont have access to the internet. Many people want to have them in video format in their cell phone while some want to have songs in mp3 format so they can save some of there space but youtube doesn’t allow you to download songs in mp3 format and you need a software that can do the job for you.

9Apps provides you with the app video to mp3 converter that allows you to extract music from your favorite videos and save them in the mobile phone to listen to it in your free time or leave it as a ringtone. It saves you a lot of time from going into the pc and converting video to mp3 and than transferring it your cellphone.

Hand Picked Apps And Games

9Apps gives you the feature of downloading apps and games which are best according to there team. So when you don’t have an idea of what to download which game to play simple download the one which they recommend and you will love it as it comes in recommended after certain evaluations so you can download without any hesitation.

Free Facebook Videos Downloader

Every among us uses Facebook, Whatsapp status, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. We scroll through thousands of video each month but none of these apps have the option to download video from any of them. Sometimes we go through videos that we want to have on our cell phone but lack of download of option stop us from doing that but now with 9apps it’s not a problem you can download the app videos downloader for facebook and it gives you an option to save videos from all of the social media platforms easily.

Free Movies Downloader

Just like me, I believe there are a lot of people who love to watch movies in their free time, but the problem that we face always is there is no trusted source from which we can download movies easily with outgoing through watching adds for 3 to 4 minutes and struggle with finding the movie. Being 9apps user you won’t have to worry about it anymore, there is an app in it called movie downloader which allows you to download any movie of your choice without watching any adds. You can find many more apps like vizer apk .

All these features make 9apps the most entertaining app available in the market for free.

All In A Very Small App

When you see all of these things in one tiny app you must be thinking about its size but let me tell you every app available in 9apps is around 2o to 30 mb not more than that and allows you to do anything from videos to movies from ringtones to wallpapers everything almost everything.

9Apps Games

Most of the gamers face issues in downloading games from google play store because the best ones are paid and you can’t afford some of the coolest games available out there. 9Apps provides you a whole section on games from where you can download action, racing and many more games for free so you don’t have to mess with google play store to play games of your choice. The best thing is for all games you don’t need to have internet all can be played offline easily.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have an idea of which game to play we have created a list of 9apps best games that you can play on 9apps for free and enjoy.

9Apps Apps

Story of apps is the same just like games in 9apps. You will get free apps that can solve almost all of your problems from video downloading to normal office work. You will easily get all the update for free as well. To find the most suitable app for your self you will have to go through filters and select the one you like the most. The best thing is there are editor picks as well which allows you to download the appropriate for your self.

9Apps WallPapers

Wallpapers add beauty to our mobile home screen and its the first thing that we see when we open our cell phone. Everyone who uses a smartphone loves to have a beautiful wallpaper. 9apps contains a full section on wallpaper and is much bigger as compared to other app available online. Its not like only the free wallpaper available on google play store are available on 9apps but any new ones. There are thousand of wallpaper for you to select from and download.

Downloading And Installation Of 9Apps On Android Phone:

When it comes to installation of 9apps its not that much difficult. What you have to do is to check unknown sources from your device settings.


If you don’t see the unknown sources in the setting because sometimes it may vary from device to device so you can check the manufacturer guideline for it.

Download 9Apps Apk From our website and install it during installation it may asks you for permission, click on allow so that it starts installing its files. Once the installation is complete you will see its icon on your phone screen.



After installing you can easily launch the device and explore a surprising range of Android Applications, games, wallpapers, ringtones etc. waiting for you free of cost.


9Apps is currently the best alternative for Google Play store that serves genuine applications free of costs with a better performance.

The fan base for the app is growing each day and it seems to be just a matter of time when it gains popularity enough to grab the attention of the users more than the Play store ever could.

So, download the app today or visit the website and enjoy exploring numerous applications, games, and wallpapers waiting for you free of cost.


What Makes 9Apps Different From Google PlayStore

Light Weight :

You know the best thing about 9Apps is that its size is only some kbs while on other hand google play store take megabytes of size and once the installation is complete the installation of packages of the 9Apps is deleted while on other hand Google Play store still keeps all the files.

Almost Every App :

In google play store or in App store some apps are restricted in some areas or region but this is not the case with 9Apps it gives you a wide varites of app to select from  simply no restrictions.

Awesome Download Manager :

Many of cell phone lovers struggle with downloading of Apps but when it comes to 9Apps you can easily download, Pause and resume your downloads.

It has the capability to pick your location and alot you a server near to you so that your download is fast.

Content Of Your Choice :

Once you make an account on 9Apps it keeps your history so even if you change cell phone still it will keep track of what you have downloaded so you can easily download and use it on your other phone.


FAQS About 9Apps

Whats Is Apps?

Its an alternative of google play store from which you can download all sort of multimedia apps for free even if they are paid in google play store.


How can I download it on Android?

It’s very easy to download and install it.

Go to setting > unknown sources > Click on it >

Now download 9Apps Apk install it and enjoy.


What is the use of 9Apps?

Its an app developed by Alibaba and a sort of app store which allows a user to download all types of games and app.

Is it safe to download 9App?

Yes, It’s 100% safe to download 9Apps just like google play store it contains no viruses or spam content. Its totally safe and the best android app.

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